Summary Report


On 10 December 2015, 51 members of the community took part in the first CBRarts Forum - Creative Spaces Creative Places at Ainslie Arts Centre.

Creative Spaces, Creative Places was a chance to continue to discuss the future needs for cultural infrastructure and reflect on the achievements since the release of 2003 Arts Facilities Strategy. It also was a time to share information on ACT Government urban renewal and planning initiatives, and how they may support development of the arts.

The Forum focused on ensuring our arts facilities meet community needs now and in the future, and the role of the arts in improving the vibrancy and liveability of Canberra.

This report provides a summary of the:

Creative Places (group discussions)

Participants took part in group activities that reviewed the current situation and explored future needs for arts facilities. Groups looked at cultural infrastructure needs based on what, where or when.  Groups were asked to think about the future development needs of current facilities and why these needs exist.  A summary of points raised by participants in the forum follows:

Cultural Infrastructure

The importance of enough programming funding support to ensure the sustainability of facilities and to reflect the capital investment made.

Creative Places

Creative Spaces Panel Discussion

The forum’s second session was a panel discussion moderated by Adam Stankevicius, Director Arts and Events, ACT Government.

Panel participants

After panel members discussed how the arts relates to their work, the moderator and forum participants asked questions.  Below is a summary of the discussion.

Interaction and contentedness with the Community

Incorporating arts and design in urban renewal

Collaboration and Engagement

Integrating existing cultural infrastructure

Evaluation and Feedback

Overall artsACT received positive feedback about the CBRarts Forum.  The ability of the arts sector to come together to discuss topics about developing the arts and the variety of views from panel members, and from other participants, were some of the positive comments received.

CBRarts Forum should continue as regular events, but should be open to a wider range of participants from various sectors.  Clearer and earlier communications were suggested as ways to address this.  Suggestions were also made about recording or broadcasting the forum.

A wide range of topics were put forward for future discussion, including:

You can download the full PDF version of the document here:

Summary Report - CBRarts Forum: Creative Spaces Creative Places (PDF 433KB)PDF