Minister's Creative Council

About the Minister's Creative Council

The Minister’s Creative Council (MCC) is a positive, solutions focused, Ministerial advisory body for the arts in Canberra. The MCC is a two-way conduit of information and provides strategic advice to the ACT Government on the arts and sector issues. The MCC assists the Government to develop arts policies in order to promote and advance the arts across government and community, reflecting the importance of the arts to all.

The Minister for the Arts and Community Events will use the MCC in its capacity as an advisory body to explore and test ideas. The MCC will provide advice on matters referred to the Council directly by the Minister.

The MCC will be a group of creative people who can use their unique perspective and expertise to contribute to positive discussion and practical advice on the arts in Canberra.

The MCC will be diverse and focused on new ways to work together to generate interesting ideas.

Terms will be staggered to ensure continuity of the work plan during the rotation of its membership on a biennial basis.

The ACT Government understands that a diversity of views leads to innovation in the arts. Therefore, we actively encourage representation from a wide range of community members, including but not limited to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, those from multicultural backgrounds, representatives from LGBTQI communities, and people who identify as a person with a disability or have lived experience of mental illness.

Current members are:

Terms of Reference

You can download the full versions of the Terms of Reference here:


artsACT, with the assistance of an external facilitator, undertook consultation on the potential for forming a new Ministerial Advisory body for the arts during 2017-18. The consultation process considered issues such as: the purpose of an advisory body; what it would advise on; how the government would ensure that advice is received in relation to the full spectrum of art forms, practice and experience in the ACT; and how an advisory body would best serve the arts community and the government.

The online survey closed on Friday 28 July 2017. We received 79 submissions.

Attendees of the roundtables were selected by the Minister for the Arts and Community Events to ensure the full diversity of the arts community. Four roundtables were held throughout July 2017 with a total of 57 attendees.

You can download the full PDF version of the consultation report here:

An additional focus group was held in June 2018 to seek feedback on the draft Terms of Reference for the new Council.