Policy and Publications


The arts in the ACT are thriving, diverse and visible. They create opportunities for us as Canberrans to remember, celebrate and engage in our shared values as a society. The arts also enhance our community's wellbeing and help us to build a more inclusive society.

One of the ways that artsACT helps to enourage this is through its policies. These policies are often developed in collaboration with other arts organisations or government agencies, as well as the community.

artsACT also works closely on arts policy issues with the Australian Government, state and territory governments and local governments. You can find out more about this in Working with other Governments.

Arts Policy Advice

Independent issue-specific arts policy discussion groups are formed to provide advice as required. The discussion groups consist of a small number of focussed experts relating to each specific issue, sourced from an artsACT expert database. Specialist staff across the ACT Government, National Cultural Institutions, the Australian National University, University of Canberra and the private sector will also be included if required. Interstate experts are also considered, depending on the issue.

This model has been used in the past to formulate advice on film, dance, theatre, working with children and Writing Australia.

These discussion groups meet on an as-needed basis, determined by artsACT.


You can read the policies that guide the direction of artsACT and the work that we do, as well as our other publications:

Arts Review