About Us

The Canberra Region is home to many diverse artists and arts organisations that provide inspiration and opportunity for residents within Canberra and beyond. We also have the highest attendance rate at cultural venues and events (94%) and highest cultural participation rate (38.5%) than any other jurisdiction in Australia.

artsACT is part of the Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate External Link within Enterprise Canberra. As the ACT Government’s arts agency, we provide policy and funding advice to government; manage the ACT Arts Fund and a range of other arts development and funding initiatives; manage the ACT Government public art collection of over 100 artworks; oversee the development and management of key ACT arts facilities; and maintain links with other arts and cultural organisations in Australia and internationally.

We do this to recognise the integral part that arts and culture play in our community and to encourage creativity, celebration, thinking and exchange.

Our connection with the Cultural Facilities Corporation as the other arm of ACT Government arts activity is vital, as is working across the ACT Government to increase the visibility of the arts, promote our vision and look for opportunities for partnerships and development to benefit the arts in Canberra.

We believe that Canberra is an influential part of the arts and cultural sector nationally and globally and we want to share that story.

Our Minister

artsACT reports to the Minister for the Arts and Cultural Events, Mr Gordon Ramsay MLA.