General feedback

General feedback

ACT arts funding is highly competitive. Each year more applications are received than are able to be supported. artsACT encourages all applicants to seek feedback by contacting (02) 62072384 or to organise a suitable time.

Review your application

It may be helpful to review your application. Visit the artsACT online grants portal External Link where you can log in to access your funding submissions. When reviewing your application, consider the following questions.

artsACT also encourages artists to consider the ACT arts landscape and their place within it and recommends:

Consider applying again

It is a testament to the strength and diversity of the ACT arts landscape that each year there are more high quality applications than are able to be supported. If you were unsuccessful and wish to reapply, here are some tips to help prepare future applications.

Look at the types of activity funded in previous years 

Follow this link for a list of previous funding recipients.