Fitters’ Workshop Hire Guidelines

Fitters’ Workshop Hire Guidelines

The Fitters’ Workshop is available for public hire, primarily for arts and cultural use. It can seat approximately 400 people comfortably for performance and is an ideal venue for live music, choir performance, chamber music and other acoustic performances and can also be used as a diverse gallery space for visual arts exhibitions of groups, individual artists or community projects.

The Fitters’ Workshop may also be hired for other purposes which can demonstrate an artistic or cultural connection to the Kingston Arts Precinct subject to availability.

The ACT Government supports the arts as outlined through the 2015 ACT Arts Policy. It is recognised that ACT Government facilities play a part in supporting the arts sector to achieve their goals.

Whilst there are a number of facilities that are available for general hire across the ACT, in developing the Fitters’ Workshop as a venue for hire it was considered important to give priority for arts and cultural use. This use not only goes to supporting the vision of the Arts Policy Framework but also supporting the vision of the Kingston Arts Precinct Strategy: Dynamic, inspirational, energetic: where artists, cultural organisations and creative businesses make, teach, exhibit, perform and sell their work. The ACT’s destination of choice to experience contemporary visual arts and culture.

Bookings will only be considered for the forthcoming 12 months.

The criteria used for assessing suitability of the Fitters’ Workshop for an event are as follows:

The ACT Government reserves the right to decline a hire request to preserve artistic and cultural standards. It should be noted that regular bookings will be reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure the vibrancy of the facility is maintained.

Mixed Stall Markets

In addition to the criteria outlined above, the Fitters’ Workshop is not to be used for Mixed Stall Markets on a Sunday more than 12 times in a calendar year.

A Mixed Stall market is defined as a market consisting of more than one stall holder where the stall holders collectively offer for sale more than three of the following products:

In order to preserve the intent of the vision for the Kingston Arts Precinct which is outlined above a determination has been made that no one Mixed Stall Market will be able to hire the Fitters’ Workshop for more than four Sundays in a calendar year.

As there are to be only twelve Sundays available for Mixed Stall Markets the availability of the space for a diversity of operators is considered key to delivering on the vision. Providing exclusivity of the space to one operator is deemed to be at odds with the intention of Precinct and the principles of hire for the Fitters’ Workshop which is to maintain a flexible and diverse space which contributes to the artistic and creative vibrancy of the precinct.

For further information on hiring the Fitters' Workshop, please contact ACT Property Group on 02 6213 0700.

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