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Alfred Deakin, A Life in Three Phases

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The artwork is a single bust, created from three separate heads that have been ‘cut’ into pieces and re-assembled, creating a work which is stable, robust and visually engaging from all angles. The three heads are representative of three distinct periods of Alfred Deakin’s life:

  • Prime Minister;
  • Young statesman, journalist and barrister; and
  • Family man.

The artwork is fabricated from bronze, and uses a unique ‘de-bossing’ technique to add words from Deakin’s diaries on to the bronze finish. Texts from Deakin’s prolific writings were selected to represent the three aspects of his life listed above.

Alfred Deakin (1856–1919) is well-known for his role as a leader of the movement for Australian Federation. He was the second Prime Minister of Australia and served during three separate periods: 1903-04, 1905-08 and 1909-10. He also played a major part in establishing irrigation in Australia.

Martin Moore
Alfred Deakin, A Life in Three Phases, 2010
Deakin Shopping Centre