Canberra Centenary Column

Canberra Centenary Column

Canberra Centenary Column 550



Geoff Farquhar-Still


Stainless steel, granite, glass tiles





Canberra CBD Limited

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Local artist Geoff Farquhar-Still was inspired by the Canberra Commencement Column which was meant to be built on the three foundation stones laid as part of Canberra's naming ceremony on March 12, 1913.

The stainless steel column was made at the Yarralumla Brickworks by Geoff Farquhar-Still and the stonework was undertaken by Acclaim Contractors and stands 8.5 meters tall.  

The sculpture rests on a concrete base clad in granite. It features acid etched images of Canberra and a row of tiles created by glass artist Liz Kelly that were inspired by the geometric designs of Walter Burley Griffin. A mirror polished five-sided pyramid sits at the top.

The centenary time capsule, sealed inside the column, contains a range of symbolic objects including a current day ACT number plate and a toe of the SkyWhale.

The $200,000 obelisk was a centenary gift to the city from Canberra CBD Limited and was officially unveiled by Chief Minister Katy Gallagher on the last day of the centenary year, 11 March 2014.

Geoff Farquhar-Still
Canberra Centenary Column, 2014
Stainless steel, granite, glass tiles
City Hill, Civic