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Seqvanae Artist - Michael Kitching
Title - Seqvanae
Medium - Polished stainless steel and red fibreglass
Location - Civic
Funded By -
Commissioned - 1978

The work forms a gateway to the ACT Health Building and is rich with symbolic references to health and medicine. The work is a tribute to 'Seqvanae', Roman goddess of healing and includes red and silver crosses and a snake representing the Greek doctor 'Aesculapius'. Lettering on the work resembles an optometrist's eye test chart.

Menzies small Artist - Peter Corlett
Title - Sir Robert Menzies
Medium - Bronze
Location - Civic
Funded By - ACT Government
Commissioned - 2012

Sir Robert Menzies
The ACT Government commissioned Sir Robert Menzies and another artwork by Peter Corlett to celebrate and acknowledge former Prime Ministers that significantly supported the development of Canberra.

Six Red Shoes small Artist - Sharon Peoples
Title - Six Red Shoes
Medium - Machine embroidered rayon on cotton with metal
Location - Civic
Funded By - Legislative Assembly Art Advisory Committee
Commissioned - 1999

Six Red Shoes
The inspiration for this work is the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen - The red shoes.

sky shard blue 100 Artist - Jon Tarry
Title - Sky Shard Above the In Between
Medium - Steel and paint
Location - Civic
Funded By - artsACT
Commissioned - 2011

Sky Shard Above the In Between
A folded form balanced on a point, painted blue. The artwork amplifies and gives form to the architectural forms of the building on one side and of the sculpture and the natural forms of the trees on the other.

Soccer Players Artist - Bev Hogg, Elizabeth Patterson and Mike McGregor
Title - Soccer Players
Medium - Stainless steel armature with a coloured concrete shell
Location - Belconnen
Funded By - Village Building Company
Acquired - 2011

Soccer Players
Commissioned by the Village Building Company, this artwork consists of three lifesize children playing a game of soccer.

Confucius Artist - Jiaxiang Stone Carving Studio of Shandong (山東嘉祥杏花石雕厂) Established 1910
Title - Statue of Confucius
Medium - Limestone
Location - North Canberra
Funded By - Australian Confucius Research Society
Commissioned - 2010

Statue of Confucius
Confucius, a Chinese philosopher and teacher who lived in fifth century BC, has had a profound influence on Chinese culture and thought. This sculpture was carved in the birth place of Confucius, Qufu, Shandong Province, China. The sculpture was gifted to the people of Canberra by the Australian Confucius Research Society in association with the Canberra Chinese Community Preparatory Committee of the Statue of Confucius to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the signing of the Sister City Agreement between Canberra and Beijing.

Stepping Out Artist - Giovanna Ianniello and Gerard Murphy
Title - Stepping Out
Medium - Bronze
Location - South Canberra
Funded By -
Commissioned - 1997

Stepping Out
This life size, realist female figure, replete with hat and handbag has become a loved local at the Hughes Shopping Centre.

Sweet Justice Artist - Wendy Mills
Title - Sweet Justice
Medium - Water sculpture with glass tiles, fibre optic lighting and air
Location - Civic
Funded By -
Commissioned - 2003

Sweet Justice
The work is located near the law courts and many legal offices and combines water, light and air. The word ‘sweet’ appears under water on a tiled surface.

Ability to Imagine 100

Artist - Peter Tilley
Title - The Ability to Imagine
Medium - Cast iron, corten steel
Location - Belconnen
Funded By - Chief Minister's sculpture acquisition round 3
Acquired - 2010

The Ability to Imagine
This rusted steel sculpture portrays a poetic journey of the spirit. A figure, travel case in hand, contemplates a voyage that while imaginary does not appear to be without effort. The sculpture is one of a series of works through which the artist explores the concept of a journey as a metaphor for the search for meaning in life.

Big Little Man 100 Artist - Dean Bowen
Title - The Big Little Man
Medium - Bronze
Location - Civic
Funded By - artsACT
Acquired - 2008

The Big Little Man
The Big Little Man is a whimsical sculpture that appears both larger and smaller than life at the same time.

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