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Nest III Artist - Richard Moffatt
Title - Nest III
Medium - Steel found objects, boulders
Location - North Canberra
Funded By - ActewAGL
Acquired - 2009

Nest III
Nest III is made from welded steel found objects. It depicts an eagle sitting upon a nest over a rocky outcrop.

New Blood (Gateway Artwork) Artist - Paloma Ramos
Title - New Blood (Gateway Artwork)
Medium - Painted steel
Location - Belconnen
Funded By - artsACT
Commissioned - 1996

New Blood (Gateway Artwork)
New Blood is a welcoming and dynamic gateway to Kippax Library, it celebrates energy, movement and colour.

On the Road Again Artist - Anne Ross
Title - On the Road Again
Medium - Bronze
Location - Woden
Funded By - Territory and Municipal Services
Commissioned - 2011

On the Road Again
By Melbourne-based artist and dog-lover Anne Ross, On the Road Again is a surreal take on life in the suburbs. The figure and canine companion are depicted driving up to the shops, only the car is missing.

On_the_Square 100 Artist - Dorothea Saaghy
Title - On The Square
Medium - Bronze
Location - Civic
Funded By - Royal Military College Class of 1961 and the ACT Government.
Commissioned - 2011

On The Square
The sculpture was a gift to the Royal Military College by the Class of 61 on the occasion in 2011 of their fiftieth anniversary and the centenary of the College.

On the Staircase

Artist - Keld Moseholm
Title - On the Staircase
Medium - Bronze, copper
Location - Civic
Funded By - artsACT
Acquired - 2009

On the Staircase
This bronze and copper sculpture contrasts a series of small human forms with the architectural weight of an oversized staircase. The artwork has a philosophical aspect by reflecting on the effect of reading on the spirit - 'the more I read the smaller I feel'.

small Owl Artist - Bruce Armstrong
Title - Owl
Medium - Cast composite, steel, hardwood, paint
Location - Belconnen
Funded By - artsACT
Commissioned - 2011

This landmark sculpture honours the Powerful Owl, Ninox strenua, which is the largest owl species in Australasia. The owl is classified as an occasional resident to the ACT and has been sighted in the Australian National Botanic Gardens, Canberra Nature Park and Namadgi National Park. The owl has a commanding and enigmatic presence when encountered in the wild. The artist has portrayed the owl as a guardian spirit or totem overlooking its domain.

Oyster Artist - Geoffrey Bartlett
Title - Oyster
Medium - Bronze, aluminiumm various timbers, steel
Location - Civic
Funded By - ACT Government
Commissioned - 2004

Oyster is one of two indoor public art sculptures by Geoffrey Bartlett located within the ACT Magistrates Court.

Patria es Humanidad Artist - Nelson Dominguez Cedeño (with the support of local artist Geoff Farquhar-Still)
Title - Patria es Humanidad (Our Country is Humanity)
Medium - Steel, gravel, stone
Location - Civic
Funded By - Donated by the Republic of Cuba
Acquired - 2013

Patria es Humanidad (Our Country is Humanity)
Rising from its base of gravel and stone, the peg symbolises the connections, unity and solidarity of the human family. Supported by the peg is a planet where ethnicities, cultures and religions, despite their differences, merge together in the essence of our human existence.

Poet's Corner Artist - Cathy Weiszmann
Title - Poet's Corner
Medium - Bronze and Granite
Location - Civic
Funded By - artsACT
Commissioned - 2012

Poet's Corner
Poet's Corner is a collection of three bronze busts by Cathy Weiszmann of Canberra focussed Australian poets Judith Wright, A.D. Hope and David Campbell.

Prime Minister Curtin and Treasurer Ben Chifley Artist - Peter Corlett, OAM
Title - Prime Minister John Curtin and Treasurer Ben Chifley, ca 1945
Medium - Bronze
Location - Parliamentary Triangle
Funded By - artsACT
Commissioned - 2011

Prime Minister John Curtin and Treasurer Ben Chifley, ca 1945
This sculpture recreates an iconic photograph of John Curtin (1885-1945), Australia’s fourteenth Prime Minister (1941-45), and Treasurer Joseph Benedict (Ben) Chifley (1885-1951), who would become Australia’s sixteenth Prime Minister (1945-49). Curtin and Chifley routinely walked along this route to the Provisional (Old) Parliament House from the nearby Kurrajong Hotel - where Labor Members of Parliament generally stayed, while Parliament was sitting. Curtin and Chifley are two of Australia’s most respected Prime Ministers and they were strong supporters of the development of Canberra as the nation’s capital.

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