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The_Canberra_Times_Fountain 100 Artist - Robert Woodward
Title - The Canberra Times Fountain
Medium - Tube and rod fabricated stainless steel
Location - Civic
Funded By - Federal Capital Press
Commissioned - 1979

The Canberra Times Fountain
The Canberra Times Fountain by Bob Woodward was commissioned by Federal Capital Press in 1976 and installed as a gift to the people of Canberra in 1979. This dramatic fountain marks the intersection of Ainslie Avenue with City Walk.

The Encounter Artist - Hugo Morales
Title - The Encounter
Medium - Steel
Location - Civic
Funded By - Donated by: The Government of Uruguay and the people of Soriano Province
Acquired - 2014

The Encounter
The Encounter commemorates the 2006 meeting of sculptors in Palmar, in Uruguay’s Soriano Province.

The Fourth Pillar Artist - Neil Roberts
Title - The Fourth Pillar
Medium - Neon, rolled corrugated iron
Location - Civic
Funded By -
Commissioned - 1997

The Fourth Pillar
The work features evocative blue neon phrases which stretch down a number of columns and are visible from the various mezzanine floors within the ACT Magistrates Court. By using lyrical everyday terms which have specific legal meanings the artist intended that the work would soften the experience for people visiting and working in this building.

The Glebe Artist - Hew Chee Fong and L M Noonan
Title - The Glebe
Medium - Grandee granite and porphyry pavers
Location - Civic
Funded By - ACT Government
Commissioned - 2002

The Glebe
Inspired by Glebe House, previously located on this site, the Glebe is made from a single block of grandee granite, segmented into house shaped blocks to represent European settlement of the area and the sub-division of the original Glebe allotment of 119 acres.

the Goongarline Artist - Malcolm Utley
Title - The Goongarline
Medium - Granite, steel
Location - Gungahlin
Funded By - Land Development Agency
Commissioned - 2008

The Goongarline
The Goongarline draws inspiration from Gungahlin's rocky hills or 'Goongarline' as they were called by local Indigenous people at the time of European settlement.

The Listening Tree small Artist - Bev Hogg
Title - The Listening Tree
Medium - Clay, slips and glaze
Location - Civic
Funded By - ACT Legislative Assembly
Commissioned - 1998

The Listening Tree
This artwork is from the collection of the ACT Legislative Assembly managed by the Speaker, and is available to the public when meeting with members of the Legislative Assembly, or by invitation.

The Master's Voice Artist - Sonia Leber and David Chesworth
Title - The Master's Voice
Medium - Digital recording, stainless steel grilles
Location - Civic
Funded By -
Commissioned - 2001

The Master's Voice
On the edge of City Walk is a concrete wall which houses a soundscape. The Master’s Voice ‘...trips up passers-by, induces double-takes, [and] private puzzled glances...' (Mitchell Whitelaw in Real Time Magazine #46, 2001).

The Meeting Place Artist - Silvio Gallelli
Title - The Meeting Place
Medium - Glass
Location - South Canberra
Funded By - artsACT
Commissioned - 2008

The Meeting Place
The Meeting Place is made up of seven layered glass figures installed on a glass wall.

The Other Side of Midnight Artist - Anne Ross
Title - The Other Side of Midnight
Medium - Bronze, stainless steel
Location - Civic
Funded By - artsACT
Commissioned - 2012

The Other Side of Midnight
This whimsical artwork consists of a painted doll with a decorated carousel dog on either side, linking closely with the much loved Civic carousel.

The View From Here Artist - David Watt
Title - The View From Here
Medium - Wood and acrylic paint
Location - Tuggeranong
Funded By -
Commissioned - 1998

The View From Here
The artist is renowned for a series of relief artworks redepicting illustrations from the ‘World Book of Knowledge'.

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