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Here and Now Artist - Anna Eggert
Title - Here and Now
Medium - Stainless steel mesh
Location - Civic
Funded By - artsACT
Commissioned - 2011

Here and Now
Comprising eight figures made of an architectural steel mesh, installed in a group of three and a group of five. Dynamic moire patterns are created through the layering of mesh and light.

Honeyeater small Artist - Phil Nizette and Jennifer Jones
Title - Honey Eater Rising
Medium - Laser cut and painted steel
Location - North Canberra
Funded By - Donated
Acquired - 2009

Honey Eater Rising
This artwork depicts the Honey Eater bird rising up over the water at Billabong Park in North Watson.

House Proud Artist - Neil Roberts
Title - House Proud
Medium - Neon light
Location - Civic
Funded By - artsACT
Commissioned - 1997

House Proud
Crowning the circular Playhouse theatre, this blue and white neon word game is one of Canberra’s highest profile public artworks. A series of words precede the word ‘house’.

Icarus 100 Artist - Jan Brown AM
Title - Icarus
Medium - Bronze
Location - Civic
Funded By - artsACT
Commissioned - 2009

These four bronze figures are inspired by the ancient Greek myth of Icarus. In this story Icarus' father, Daedalus, created wings made from feathers and wax for himself and his son to flee from captivity on the island of Crete. Icarus is warned by his father not to fly too close to the sun or the sea. However, exhilarated by the experience of flight Icarus flies too high, his waxen wings melt and he falls to his death. Brown's sculpture encourages sympathy with Icarus' unbridled exuberance and an acceptance of its ineveitable tragic consequences.

Illumicube Artist - Kerry Simpson
Title - Illumicube
Medium - Glass and movement activated lighting
Location - Civic
Funded By - Gift to people of ACT
Acquired - 1988

This work was presented to the people of Canberra to commemorate 25 years of electricity supply. The colour of the light originally changed in response to sound. With more people now living in the city centre, the sound feature has been de-activated to stop the cacophony of car horns late at night.

	in the stream, Kozo Nishino (Titanium alloy, stainless steel) National Arboretum Canberra, 2011 (installed 2015)

Artist - Kozo Nishino
Title - in the stream
Medium - Titanium alloy, stainless steel
Location - South Canberra
Funded By - Percent-for-Arts Scheme
Commissioned - 2011

in the stream
"The concept of this sculpture features a vast sky and/or the universe and it expresses something that we cannot see such as wind and air. One can enjoy the movement engraved in the sculpture itself, but on the other hand, I think it also offers the viewers to feel atmosphere and time through their five senses. Although this sculpture is temperate and sensitive, it is also abundant and embracing, reflecting the image I had of Canberra during my visits. I hope that many people will love the sculpture’s warm-hearted expression and I hope this sculpture stays and lives in the hearts of each person visiting the Arboretum.” Kozo Nishino

Indigenous Ceramics Artist - Hudson Alison, Robert Puruntatameri, Ngunytjima Carroll, Carol Williams, Janet DeBoos, Vivian Thompson, Kantjupai Baker
Title - Indigenous Ceramics
Medium - Ceramic
Location - Civic
Funded By - artsACT
Acquired - 2009

Indigenous Ceramics
Indigenous ceramic artworks purchased from Three Communities One Voice exhibition at Watson Arts Centre.

Firestorm Tree 100 Artist - Bryan Carrick and Mount Taylor Estate community
Title - Kambah Firestorm Storytree Memorial
Medium - Carved tree trunk, paint
Location - Tuggeranong
Funded By - artsACT
Acquired - 2005

Kambah Firestorm Storytree Memorial
The Kambah Firestorm Storytree commemorates the bushfire that hit the Mount Taylor Estate community on 18 January 2003.

La Pérouse small Artist - Suzie Bleach and Andrew Townsend
Title - La Perouse
Medium - Bronze
Location - South Canberra
Funded By - Territory and Municipal Services Directorate
Commissioned - 2014

La Perouse
Jean-François de Galaup, compte de La Pérouse led a French naval expedition to the Pacific Ocean in 1785.

Lady With Flowers Artist - Dean Bowen
Title - Lady With Flowers
Medium - Bronze
Location - Gungahlin
Funded By - Land Development Agency and Roads ACT
Commissioned - 2011

Lady With Flowers
A figurative bronze animated by a whimsical naivety that will touch the child in people of all ages, Lady With Flowers is located near a bus stop on Flemington Road, Gungahlin and one imagines she is about to take an ACTION bus to the City to meet her bronze counterpart, the Big Little Man.

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