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folding ground red 100 Artist - Jon Tarry
Title - Folding Ground Across the In Between
Medium - Steel and paint
Location - Civic
Funded By - artsACT
Commissioned - 2011

Folding Ground Across the In Between
A folded form balanced on a point, painted red, and sitting opposite the partner piece 'sky shard above the in between', the artwork amplifies and gives form to the architectural forms of the building on one side and of the sculpture and the natural forms of the trees on the other.

Fractal Weave Artist - David Jensz
Title - Fractal Weave
Medium - Copper pipe filled with concrete
Location - Civic
Funded By - ACT Government
Commissioned - 2006

Fractal Weave
Fractal Weave is made from two woven curved forms in copper piping and sits on the pedestal in front of the Canberra Theatre and the Civic Library. The sculpture has been described as a physical and symbolic manifestation of the interrelated aspects of our diverse culture and heritage.

Fused Glass Artist - Klaus Moje
Title - Fused Glass
Medium - Fused glass
Location - Civic
Funded By -
Commissioned - 1998

Fused Glass
This work was designed for the ACT Legislative Assembly foyer. The artist states that "Colour is used as a universal language to convey a sense of energy and force associated with this place of decision making...." (Klaus Moje, 1998).

Gather 100 Artist - Matthew Tobin
Title - Gather
Medium - Bronze and mosaic tile
Location - South Canberra
Funded By - Privately funded
Commissioned - 2007

These sculptures mark the entry to a popular Canberra shopping and cafe precinct - Manuka. They appear as a group of surreal vegetative forms crowned with oversized seed pods (referencing nearby Liquidamber trees).

Gathering Place Artist - Wellspring with Brian Carrick
Title - Gathering Place
Medium - Wood, stone, ceramic tiles and gravel
Location - Tuggeranong
Funded By -
Commissioned - 2001

Gathering Place
This work contributes to a recreational and ceremonial place that is intended to encourage a locally-focussed, ongoing process of reconciliation between Aboriginal and non–Aboriginal people in the region. The four poles in the centre of the work are aligned with cardinal points: Ngunnawal to the East; Coming Together to the South; Reconciliation to the West and the Future, crowned by a wedge tailed eagle, to the North.

Ginninginderry_Light 100 Artist - Geoff Farquhar-Still
Title - Ginninginderry Light
Medium - Stainless steel, glass bead embeded concrete, powdercoated aluminium
Location - Gungahlin
Funded By - CIC Crace Pty Ltd
Commissioned - 2013

Ginninginderry Light
Ginninginderry Light is an elegant stainless steel structure embedded with millions of tiny reflective glass beads designed to reflect light from the sun, the moon and even passing cars.

Gravity Circle Artist - Haruyuki Uchida
Title - Gravity Circle
Medium - Stainless steel, magnet, paint
Location - Civic
Funded By - artsACT
Acquired - 2007

Gravity Circle
Gravity Circle consists of a series of bold geometric forms arranged to evoke a feeling of carefully balanced energy or poise. The artwork's brushed stainless steel and bright crimson finish alludes to an elemental purity or essence. The large central element of the artwork balances across a narrow edge and references the scales of justice in the setting of the ACT Magistrate's Court.

Rhizome Artist - Richard Goodwin
Title - Gungahlin Drive Extension Artworks
Medium - Various media
Location - North Canberra
Funded By - Territory and Municipal Services Directorate
Commissioned - 2007

Gungahlin Drive Extension Artworks
The objectives of the Gungahlin Drive Extension Public Art Program were to enhance the driving/riding experience and respond to the characteristics of the urban, natural and community environments.

Habitat Artist - Martin Moore
Title - Habitat
Medium - Bronze, marine turpentine
Location - North Canberra
Funded By - Territory and Municipal Services
Commissioned - 2010

This group of nine sculptures sensitively portray a range of animals that are endemic to the ACT. Acorns are included as a playful reference to Ainslie's well established oak trees. Habitat reflects on this area's close proximity to the Mount Ainslie Nature Reserve and the daily experience of seeing native wildlife interact with an exotic treescape.

Harmonies is a sculptural site marker that pays homage to Australia’s musical heritage by celebrating Dame Nellie Melba. Artist - Jennifer Jones and Phillip Nizette
Title - Harmonies
Medium - Stainless steel
Location - Belconnen
Funded By - artsACT
Commissioned - 2008

Harmonies is a sculptural site marker that pays homage to Australia’s musical heritage by celebrating Dame Nellie Melba.

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